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This Little Trick Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

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This Little Trick Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

Whether your call to action (CTA) is a button or a link, don’t get too clever. Speak directly to your supporter and tell them exactly what you want them to do. In our tests, this always increases conversion.

Less effective CTA text
“CruelCompany™ needs to hear that animal abuse is not okay!“

More effective CTA text
“Click here to tell CruelCompany™ that animal abuse is not okay!”

CTAs can build meaning when they describe the outcome your action is seeking. Outcome-oriented links and buttons articulate uniqueness and reinforce your theory of change.

Outcome-oriented CTA button examples:

  • “Free hens now”
  • “Shut it down”
  • “Expose the truth”

That said, simple directions like “Sign the petition”and “Donate now” never fail! If your action page sends emails to a campaign target, avoid using CTAs like “send an email” (people know to send emails from their email program; not your website). Instead, choose labels like “Take action” or “Speak out now”. Only ask supporters to “email” when you are offering up a mailto: link.

From: Anatomy of an action email

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