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Avoid Being an Unknown Sender

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Avoid Being an Unknown Sender

Most of us have a hard time keeping on top of emails from people we do know, to let alone give a second thought to messages from those we don’t. Failing to be a recognized sender is a fast path to the trash folder. Two critical touchpoints will help your supporters remember who you are.

1. Send a ‘welcome’ email

If the first email your supporter receives after subscribing is an impersonal mass email broadcast, that’s a problem. They won’t be used to receiving emails from you and may not instantly remember signing up to your list. This can trigger unsubscribes and increase the chances of your broadcasts being flagged as spam. To reduce this risk, send a ‘welcome’ email immediately after your supporter first subscribes. This email can start to build rapport, confirm their subscription, and set expectations for what they’ll receive as a subscriber.

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2. Quickly identify yourself in every email

The second touchpoint is in each and every broadcast you send: never fail to include your organization in the ‘from name’ field (in addition to any individual sender’s name). This gives you the freedom to introduce a new sender occasionally, while ensuring your supporter knows what organization they’re from. And always display your logo or newsletter name near the top of your email body, just to be safe!

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