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Buttons vs Links: Which Converts More Clicks?

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Buttons vs Links: Which Converts More Clicks?

If your action email has one job—to get your supporter to click through to a destination—then what’s the quickest way to get them there? In the history of Animals Australia’s (several thousand) email broadcasts, there’s no contest. Big, bold buttons attract more clicks than links every single time.

BUTTON: Click me - you know you want to!

But there’s a case for using both.

A compelling sentence that acts as a ‘punchline’ to an argument may be the perfect call-to-action (CTA) link. Buttons, on the other hand, are limited to just a few words. And precisely because they are so effective at drawing attention, using more than a couple of buttons in your layout can start to feel ‘pushy’. However, by mixing buttons with links, you can afford to push the limits of your CTA frequency a little.

Finally, whether you’re drawing clicks with links or buttons—make sure you choose the right CTA text to optimize your click-through rate.

From: Anatomy of an action email

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