When to Tell Your ‘Movement Story’

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When to Tell Your ‘Movement Story’

Call it what you will. It’s the idea that when we work together, we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. If achieving your vision is dependent on the funds and actions of your supporters, you need your supporters to know this story.

Your movement story speaks to the big picture. This is the story that transcends action alerts and appeals. It’s the glue that tethers each campaign to the next. It’s what draws people to you and keeps people with you. It’s the reason your supporters will stick around after the next campaign win. It reinforces the need for long-term support.

Your movement story should include your supporters. Use it to inspire supporters with your vision. But go further than that. Allow your supporters to feel, that because of them, your vision is more than a lofty aspiration — it will be attained. Help them to not only see the big picture, but to see their place in it.


“We are close. One day we will look back in disbelief that anyone used to shoot frightened animals and call it ‘fun’.”

“When battery cages are banned, you can say you played a pivotal role in freeing animals from one of the cruelest devices ever invented.”

“Thanks to your support, every day we step closer to a world where animals are valued for who they are, not what their bodies can produce.”

“Simply by pledging to eat more plant-based meals, you’ve become a force for kindness and fairness in the world.”

Great places to tell your movement story

  • When you introduce yourself. On your website, social media, or in your welcome series (if you have one).
  • In updates and victory announcements. This will demonstrate how small milestones are the building blocks of visionary ones.
  • In action alerts. There’s a lot to say in action alerts. But there can be a place for visionary ideas, too, after the ask. Consider what first attracted your supporters to you; was it a shared belief in animal liberation? Drawing connections to the big picture can show how the action you’re asking of them today will help achieve this shared vision.
  • In thank-you emails. Allow your supporter to take pride in knowing that their action (or donation) is contributing to a visionary goal, and harness this feel-good moment to nurture a shared responsibility for reaching it. Reminding your supporter that each action contributes to this vision will also prime them for the next ask, when it comes.

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