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Please, Abandon Your Action Lists

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Please, Abandon Your Action Lists

As changemakers, it’s our job to dream up all the ways our supporters can get involved to help our cause or win our campaign. However, we can do better than simply listing these actions. Action lists can be overwhelming, as this web page from 2010 fearlessly demonstrates.

Decision paralysis is real. If we can’t decide which action our supporter should prioritize, how on Earth will they?

Whether you’re creating an action page or an action email, the more actions you list, the less motivated supporters will be to spend time doing anything.

Make the hard choice. Limit your ask to one priority action per interaction to maximize conversion and impact. If you must include more, distinguish them as supplementary to your priority action, split them across multiple audiences, or drip-feed your actions over time.

From: Why people don’t complete online actions (and what to do about it)

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