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5 Ways to Nail Your ‘Thank You’ Emails

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5 Ways to Nail Your ‘Thank You’ Emails

The moment after someone completes an online action presents a critical opportunity. A well-crafted thank-you email will help cement this action as a wholly positive experience—one your supporter will want to repeat when the next critical ask arrives.

Here are five winning approaches.

1. Say it quickly

If you can deliver gratitude and meaning in a few short lines, do. Your supporter has already invested time on your action page. Respect that by signaling that not every email from you will take their time and energy.

2. Be specific

If you want your supporter to be a repeat action taker, avoid the generic thank-you email. Reflect on how the specific action they’ve just taken will impact the lives of those we’re fighting for.

3. Share progress

Are there other pressure points in effect that have been strengthened by your supporter’s action? Are you approaching a tipping point? Specific insights, progress, or updates will reward the interest of engaged supporters, validate their choice to take action, and invest them more deeply in your work.

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4. Surprise your supporter

Give back in the form of an uplifting video, a photo of a rescued animal, or a heartfelt personal message from a staff member.

5. Connect to the movement

Use this moment to tell your ‘movement story’; help your supporter see that when they take action, they’re part of something bigger than themselves. People join movements to self-identify with a cause. They stay for community. Paint a vision. Speak to values. Connect your supporter to others like them.


“Your voice takes us closer to the day these living, breathing individuals will be valued for more than just how much money their bodies can be traded and sold for.”

“Today you are joined by thousands of caring people all over the world, standing up to cruelty and injustice.”

Our supporters want to feel great about doing good. It only takes a little effort to meet or even exceed that need. Establish a pattern of respect and reward. Closing the loop on a fulfilling online action is an excellent way to nurture a reciprocal relationship and build a foundation for repeat engagement.

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