What’s a “Crisitunity”?

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What’s a “Crisitunity”?

We have Homer Simpson to thank for the term that perfectly describes a communication model that turbocharges action requests with urgency. Because of this, it’s been adopted by all the most successful online action platforms.

Crisis + Opportunity = Crisitunity

The ‘Crisitunity’ seizes on a ‘now’ moment (the crisis) and identifies a window for intervention (the opportunity). Combined, these elements are incredibly effective at conveying relevance and urgency.


“Live exporters are poised to send a million more animals onto death ships this season. We know that some sheep will literally be cooked alive. [crisis] We have only days to convince a Federal Court Judge to grant an injunction to stop them. [opportunity]

“A once-in-a-generation chance to change poultry farming laws could finally bring an end to the brutal battery cage. [opportunity] But egg industry bosses are lining up to pressure the government to keep hens trapped in cages. [crisis]

What about campaigns that lack external ‘crisis’ moments? Many of us are working on issues that, for animals, are in a state of crisis every single day. It’s our job to help our reader see that:


“CruelCompany™ is refusing to follow the lead of its parent company to phase out cage eggs. Every day they delay, thousands more gentle hens are condemned to a lifetime of misery in a cage. [crisis] They think they can sweep animal cruelty under the carpet. But with enough caring comments, we can blanket their facebook page and make hens the no. 1 conversation on their page this week. [opportunity]

One Animals Australia digital fundraising email that used the Crisitunity model was so successful that it crashed our website under the weight of people trying to donate.

Ben Brandzel of the Online Progressive Engagement Network offers more Crisitunity examples and other frankly excellent tips in his short guide to Email Writing for Action. Read it here.

From: How to write CTAs like a boss

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