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Picture This When Writing Your Next Headline...

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Picture This When Writing Your Next Headline...

Whatever you do—don’t just imagine your headline on your page itself. Consider how your headline performs without the rest of your page to give it context. Does it make sense without an accompanying photo or intro text? In reality, your headline will likely be seen more off the page than on.

Picture your headline in Google’s search results. A tweet. Facebook. These tend to be the first (and often only) places headlines get seen.

The strength of your headline in these contexts is the difference between people clicking to help animals or watching another cat GIF.

Google search

Google pro tip

Don’t assume your meta description will give your title any meaningful context. Google preferences on-page text and may serve a different snippet depending on the search phrase.


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Facebook pro tip

Ever wanted to know what your page will look like on Facebook (without needing to share it)? Facebook has a neat little debug tool that lets you preview link shares. It also lets you flush Facebook’s cache (which you should do if you want any changes to be reflected on their platform instantly).

From: 6 ways to make page titles click-worthy (not click-baity)

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