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How and When to ‘Hide’ Content

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How and When to ‘Hide’ Content

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a communicator is knowing what not to say. In a medium that forces us to compete for the attention spans of our audience, more is most definitely less.

Striking the right balance can be tough. In reality, some supporters may be grateful for the in-depth explanation, the supporting arguments, or the backstory... Others will punish you for it.

Can’t we have it both ways!?

When you face this bind, there are some clever ways to ‘hide’ detail in your emails and web pages. On the web, well-placed ‘read more’ buttons can expand content with a click. In emails, you can hide additional content behind contextual links.

These tactics support those with higher attention spans without overwhelming everyone else. But remember that even these simple elements add complexity, so use them sparingly!

From: Say more (by saying less)

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