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Never Stop Learning

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Never Stop Learning

These folks are some of the most innovative and transformative communicators in (and beyond) our movement. And they’re on a mission to help us do good better.

Worth a follow:

  • Anat Shenker-Osorio is well-known for her work on effective messaging across the progressive space. She shares powerful insights on shared values and framing in the handbook ‘Messaging this Moment’.
  • Mob Lab (a former Greenpeace initiative) is now an independent think tank dedicated to keeping changemakers on the cutting edge of advocacy. They offer training and publish some excellent articles, like this one on resourcing for digital strategy.
  • Faunalytics publishes research to help changemakers help more animals. How great is that? Their growing library on effective advocacy holds insights for campaigners and fundraisers alike.
  • Australian Progress has helped thousands of changemakers to become better advocates. They offer some of the best training courses in the sector and hold regular conferences. Their summary of Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Church’ is worth a read, too.
  • Litmus is a commercial enterprise that specializes in email strategy and deliverability. They offer a paid service that lets you preview your emails in different email clients. It’s great—but not cheap. However, their research blog is a free cornucopia of market insights, technical how-to’s, and generally useful tips.
  • The Commons is a social change library that collects, curates and distributes the key lessons and resources of progressive movements around Australia and across the globe. Check out their digital campaigning resources.

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Karen Nilsen

Hi there! I’m Karen. I’m on a mission to reach my former self. Had I known 10 years ago what I know today, I could have achieved more good, made fewer mistakes, and had more weekends. Every time we share what works, we win faster. Let’s create digital experiences that move people — that grow our base and fuel our movements. Are you with me? Please share this with someone you know who wants to up their digital game!

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