Show. Don’t Tell.

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Show. Don’t Tell.

Your reader trusts their own mind way more than they trust yours. No offense but it’s true. Knowing this, try to avoid ‘telling’ people what to think. That includes making assertions that some things are cruel, important, or urgent...

Rather, lead your reader to draw their own conclusions. Paint a picture. Describe why you know something to be true. Speak to the cause that leads to the inevitable consequence that you are wanting to communicate. This will force your reader to process information in deeper ways and leave a stronger, more memorable impression.

So now that I’ve just told you... Perhaps I should go ahead and show you...


“The Festival of Sacrifice is an extremely dangerous time for animals.”

“‘Farrowing crates’ confine pigs in cruel and unconscionable ways.”

“Pigs in factory farms are forced to lie on uncomfortable floors.”


“During the Festival of Sacrifice, streets literally run red with the blood of slaughtered animals.”

“Pigs trapped in ‘farrowing crates’ are so tightly confined they can’t even turn around.”

“Pigs in factory farms suffer agonizing pressure sores from being forced to lie on cold, wet, abrasive floors.”

From: Top 10 ways to turbocharge your digital comms

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